Blog dedicated to the relationship of Sam Swarek & Andy McNally from the TV show 'Rookie Blue' This blog is NOT spoiler free. Rookie Blue airs on Monday's @ 10 on Global and on Thursday's @ 9 on ABC.

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Sam/Andy scenes


Last read thru of the season. What an incredible year.

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McSwarek | Meeting the parents inlaws

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Working a case, making plans, making out, or just eating pizza in bed…. the smiles never left their face…. they were just happy to be together again.


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Sam, I am not going in for another round of this. I won’t do it. 


Favorite Fictional Characters
'Some Bambi comes along first day, arrests a cop from her own division. Trying to be a hero. Thanks pal. Friend for ever!'
2. Sam Swarek

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Ah I can't even handle your blog. McSwarek is honestly the best thing ever.

thank you! They are the best!  :)

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